30 Rules for Creating Good Multiple-Choice Questions

June 9, 2014

Multiple-choice test questions are one of the most widely used methods of testing students’ knowledge. If you are a freelance writer for higher education or K-12 companies, you could be writing student assessment questions for a test bank, for a student study guide, or for a student companion website — or you may be a […]

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Be A More Productive Writer by Deciding What NOT to Do

June 2, 2014

To be a productive writer you must be clear on what to do and why, and how to do whatever you do as efficiently as possible. But another key component of being productive is deciding what NOT to do. What do I mean? High productivity requires that you get your highest priority tasks done quickly and well. A key component […]

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The 17 Best Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

May 27, 2014

All freelance writers should know by now that LinkedIn is a key tool for finding clients, getting found by clients, and just being able to present yourself professionally on the number-one business networking site on the planet. I found this great infographic, reproduced here with the kind permission of Neal Schaffer. It lays out 17 […]

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How Freelance Writers Can Keep Editors Happy

May 19, 2014

We freelance writers thrive with quality, long-lasting relationships with editors. So we need to know how to keep them happy so they keep hiring us, and we also need to know what to do if one of our favorites leaves her position with the company. I’m taking the perspective of a freelance writer who creates […]

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Four Reasons Why Freelance Writers Should Specialize

May 6, 2014

Some may write for love, but most freelance writers write for money — and they’ll make more money when they specialize in one or more niches. Don’t misunderstand: I really enjoy my main writing specialty. Creating college textbook supplements and ancillaries that help students learn better and instructors teach better is interesting and challenging, and […]

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Two Motivating Questions I Ask Myself Every Morning

April 24, 2014

Asking yourself good motivating questions and then answering them can boost your productivity and increase your happiness according to studies conducted by psychologists in recent years. That’s why I always ask and answer… My Two Morning Motivating Questions I got the idea for asking morning questions from an audio tape I checked out of the […]

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Successful Freelance Writers Do These Small Things Early

April 21, 2014

Planning is essential in all aspects of your life, including your freelance writing. My focus here is on the little things that make a big difference when you do them early. This cuts two ways: some things done early result in a big payoff you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten, while some things done late will […]

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The Power of a Small Website for House-Sitting Writers

April 16, 2014

Freelance writing lets me travel and gives me the option of a location-independent lifestyle, which I take advantage of in winter months by house-sitting in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere with my partner Stephanie. Why House-Sitting? Simple — we get to stay in beautiful homes and explore beautiful parts of the western United […]

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The Top 10 Twitter Rules for Writers You Better Not Break

April 14, 2014

Many freelance writers and book authors are active on Twitter. However, a lot of them don’t use the optimal techniques necessary to take full advantage of the social network. Jennifer Mattern, the creator of this infographic, is an experienced freelance writer and book author, and she’s also the brains behind the top-notch site AllIndieWriters.com. The […]

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Six Copy Editing Tips for Freelance Writers

April 10, 2014

You need your freelance writing to be professional so that clients pay you well. This means your words read well and contain no major grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors. Freelance writers with poor copy editing skills either don’t make much money or they don’t make any money at all. First up… 1. Improve Your Writing […]

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