How I Do My Taxes

February 17, 2014

Like many of you fellow freelance writers and other self-employed folks, I’ll be doing my taxes soon. Since productivity is an important focus here,  I’ll share how I do my taxes. You can chime in below with comments and we can all learn from each other. (Note: see this recent post for other important advice: […]

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How Content Shock Hurts Freelance Writers

February 10, 2014

On January 6 Mark Schaefer published a provocative post about the declining utility of content marketing, a phenomenon he dubs “content shock.” The piece has garnered a great deal of scrutiny and attention both from those who agree with Schaefer’s thesis (including me) and from those who disagree or downplay the impact. I’m not here […]

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8 Time Management Techniques for Successful Writers

February 3, 2014

Time management is absolutely critical to achieving success in freelance writing and in the rest of your life. Time is the great equalizer: we all have 24 hours in a day. The big question—what do we do with our time? How you spend your time — what you choose to do and with what intensity […]

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Beat Writer’s Block and Procrastination With My Kindle Ebook

January 30, 2014

If you want to be a successful freelance writer, you must overcome writer’s block and procrastination. How much have these two maladies cost you in your freelance career? Fortunately, I have the perfect solution: my Kindle ebook 50 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block and Procrastination, and it’s just $2.99. Note: you don’t need to actually own a […]

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The 8 Top Ways to Legally Lower Your 2013 Freelance Writer Tax Bill

January 27, 2014

Note: this post was updated in late January of 2014 with new info from Carol. Happy tax season!  We freelance writers need to take advantage of all the possible tax deductions and make the best use of good tax management practices. Luckily, Carol Topp, a Certified Public Accountant and the author of Business Tips and […]

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Hey Starbucks, Here’s Why This Writer Ain’t Around Much Anymore

January 22, 2014

  Your Wi-Fi connection sucks. Seriously. I’m a freelance writer, and like many freelancers, and business travelers, and location-independent self-employed folks, I frequent coffee shops. Why? Well, I do like coffee. But I come primarily because I need to do some work on my laptop, or I’m meeting with a client. In both cases I […]

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Want to Be a Better Writer? Just Relax…

January 14, 2014

Relax! You hear it frequently. You may say it to yourself. And it’s very important. When you’re relaxed, you help keep your body healthy and you preserve energy that your mind needs to get your writing projects done. Here’s what you need to do… Proper Ergonomics I’ve written a popular post on writing ergonomics, so […]

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The Best Google+ Communities for Freelance Writers

January 8, 2014

Google+ has many communities that can help freelance writers land jobs, market their services, network with others, and get good advice. Launched in the summer of 2011, Google+ has become the second-largest social network behind Facebook. In October of 2013, it had 540 million total users, with 300 million of those actively engaging with the […]

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19 Successful Freelance Writers Share Their Top Goals for 2014

January 2, 2014

Good goals help you gain good results You need to have realistic and motivating goals for all areas of your life, from income generation to health to relationships. That’s why I’ve asked 19 of my favorite successful freelance writers to share top freelance writing goal and top personal goal for 2014. Linda Formichelli My top […]

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The Best Way to Bid a Freelance Project

December 17, 2013

Freelance writers often do a wide variety of projects, and occasionally they get offered new type of project that requires some careful evaluation. That was the case with freelance science writer Christopher Crockett. He has a strong background in physics and astronomy (a PHD in astronomy, actually), and he’s using that to carve out his […]

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