Do you want to be a more successful freelance writer?

Then you need to address your weak points and make the most of your strengths.

But how exactly do you do that?

You Need a Coach, A Mentor, Someone You Trust

Someone who can guide you on your path to a solid writing income that will help you achieve your financial, professional, and personal goals.

I can help you…

John Soares: Freelance Writer, Coach, Mentor

I’ve been freelance writing since 1990, primarily for higher education companies. I’ve also written three trade paperback books, two still in print, with combined sales over 70,000 copies.

I’ve also been a serious student of time management, productivity, and work-life balance since the mid-1990s. You have likely read many of my posts here on Productive Writers, so you know who I am and what I do. You know that I share real-world techniques that help people like you get more writing done in less time – and for more money.

I also taught college for several years. I know how to explain important concepts clearly, and I know how to listen to you and understand exactly what you are facing in your career.

How I Will Help You Be a More Successful Freelance Writer

My strengths lie in improving your time management and increasing your productivity, and in helping you determine your most profitable writing niches. I’ll also teach you how to maximize the benefits from your marketing and your online presence.

Specifically, I will help you:

  • Conquer your fears and minimize your uncertainty
  • Improve your time management
  • Overcome writer’s block and procrastination
  • Determine your top priorities and develop plans to achieve them
  • Set and meet realistic goals for your freelancing and other areas of your life
  • Identify your key strengths and determine the best ways to take advantage of them
  • Identify your crucial weaknesses and determine the best ways to address them
  • Find the best niches for you to specialize in
  • Market your writing services and win high-paying clients
  • Deal professionally with your clients
  • Maximize the impact of your website
  • Understand the best ways to use social media
  • Handle projects large and small, including writing books
  • Find the courage to achieve your full potential as a freelance writer

There are so many markets to consider in freelance writing; I was feeling overwhelmed on where to even start. John answered my questions and guided me through my own thoughts, exploring my strengths and interests. We looked at writing markets from a number of criteria, both practical and personal. He helped me narrow my options down to a few markets that are in line with my interests and also have potential for a good income. I ended our meeting feeling much more confident. I knew that I had the direction I needed to make a career of this, writing about things I enjoy while also making an income. John is professional, fun, very kind, and exceptionally knowledgeable about freelance writing. He has a knack for helping you figure out what you need to do to take your writing career to the next level. I highly recommend John to anyone who really has a desire to make a living as a freelance writer.
— Michael Carlson, freelance writer

Being a first-time book author, I’ve been gathering as much professional advice and insight as I can get my hands on. Reaching out to John was one of the best things I did – he used his experience as a published guidebook author to provide me with valuable information about the publishing process, from both a traditional publishing and self-publishing perspective. I really appreciated the fact that he took the time to get information from me before our session, so that he could use our time efficiently and address my specific needs and questions. He is a good listener, and an added bonus is that he is an all-around friendly person!
— Laurie J. Schmidt, Science/Travel Writer

This Sounds Great! What Does It Cost?

I charge $100 for a 30-minute session and $150 for a 60-minute session. Most clients start with a 30-minute session.

I’m In! How Do We Set It Up?

1. Send me an e-mail (johnsoares88 – at – indicating you want to schedule a session. Tell me what days and times are best for you. My schedule varies a lot: sometimes I’m readily available; other times I’m very busy working or off hiking in the mountains.

2. I’ll write back and indicate which of your times works best for me, and I’ll also send you a brief questionnaire that guides you through identifying the most important topics we need to address.

3. You send me the payment via PayPal. (I’ll send instructions.)

4. You send me your completed questionnaire prior to our phone call. I’ll spend at least a few minutes looking through your answers before I call, including a visit to your website and LinkedIn profile.

So What Happens During a Coaching/Mentoring Session?

First, we connect via telephone or Skype.

Second, based on your answers to the questionnaire, we quickly determine the most important issues we need to address.

Third, we quickly get down to business and get busy addressing those issues.

You are welcome to record the call, but it is for your private use only.

Contact Me Now…

It’s quick and easy: just send me an e-mail (johnsoares88 – at – and tell me whether you want a 30-minute or a 60-minute session, along with the days and times that work best for you.