Why I Am Taking a Short Blogging Break

by John Soares on January 5, 2015

I’m going to Costa Rica for 5 weeks. That’s why!

And it’s going to be a true vacation: no work and very little time on the Internet.

My only connection to the wider world will be through my Kindle Fire HD 7, and that’s only when I’m around a wireless connection AND I feel there is truly an important need to get online. I’ll be checking email, doing a little bit of sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and investigating cool places to visit in Costa Rica, but that’s it. I’m thinking maybe 2-3 times a week for a half hour or so.

What Did I Do to Deserve So Much Time Off?

Well, there doesn’t have to be a good reason. However, I’ve been working on several large projects since the middle of August, and I just completed the last of them. I made enough money in that time period to pay for an entire year’s worth of expenses, so I decided I needed to get away to someplace beautiful and peaceful so I can recharge my physical, mental, and spiritual energy.

When Will I Post Again?

I’ll be back in the middle of February and I’ll get a new post out by the end of the month. I’ll shoot for the third week of February, but I don’t yet know what my work schedule will be when I return.

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Your Take

Feel free to share any thoughts about vacations or blogging breaks, and also any specific things you think I should do in Costa Rica.

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